What is Xpress Send? Xpress Send is deployment software that allows you to automate the installation of software, updates, and many other processes through a simple web console. Xpress Send installs directly into your virtual server environment as a virtual appliance, or you can utilize the Xpress Send Cloud servers.
How will Xpress Send benefit my organization? Xpress Send allows you to automate nearly every repetitive process that your IT staff must perform. Tired of running around to desks or driving to remote sites to perform upgrades or install software? Xpress Send handles the legwork and improves your staff efficiency by 90%.
Will Xpress Send allow me to image computers? Xpress Send integrates with Clonezilla to allow you to image computers. Clonezilla is a great open source partition and disk imaging program that will image almost any file system. Xpress Send gives you a simple way to create custom boot options into Clonezilla. Xpress Send allows you to PXE boot to Clonezilla, as well as generate custom ISOs/USB Disks with your boot options. Read more here.
Why choose us over our competitors?   - Xpress Send is built on open source technology that allows us to keep our pricing well below our competitors.
  - Xpress Send Hosted installs in under 5 minutes, requires minimal resources, and requires no maintenance.
  - Our lightweight client is under 3MB in size and will not bog down your workstations or servers.
  - Our simple web interface can be accessed from your PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet.
  - We provide pre-built programs and custom programming services to assist you with deploying software.
  - Xpress Send Cloud allows you to manage your workstations without having a server environment.
How do I install Xpress Send? Xpress Send is a virtual appliance that installs directly into your virtual environment and requires minimal resources. 50 nodes can efficiently run on 512MB RAM and 1 CPU. The Xpress Send appliance installs in under 5 minutes! You can review the installation information in the documentation section. The Xpress Send client is deployed directly from the web interface to your workstations or servers.
How do I purchase Xpress Send? Xpress Send can be purchased from the Xpress Send Shop. After purchasing Xpress Send Hosted from our shop you will be able to download the appliance after checkout or by logging in to the account you created for purchasing the product. If you purchase Xpress Send Cloud you will receive an email with account information and you will be able to login at cloud.xpress-send.com.
How much does it cost?