What is Xpress Send Cloud? Xpress Send Cloud (XS Cloud) is deployment software that allows you to automate the installation of software, updates, and many other processes through a simple cloud based web console. XS Cloud is managed on Xpress Send's remote servers and does not require any server infrastructure in your environment. Install the XS client on your workstations and you are ready to start deploying!
Web Interface XS features an easy to use web interface that can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the World. Through the web interface you can create jobs, upload files, run reports, view computer information, view logs, and access all other functions of Xpress Send.
Remote Job Execution The primary function of Xpress Send is to send remote jobs to your computers or servers. Jobs can be run immediately or scheduled to run at a future time. All jobs are logged and the log data is transmitted back to the Xpress Send web interface. There are three job types that be created:

Simple Task - Any command that you can type directly into a command prompt or Run prompt.
Download & Run - Download and run a custom program from the server. You can upload any .bat, .cmd, or .exe program that will be downloaded and run on your remote computers.
File Overlay - Build a file and directory structure into a .rar file that will overlay on your remote computers.

Software License Management Xpress Send includes a license manager that can monitor how many installations of software are in your organization. This will give you an at-a-glance view of your software license usage for audits and compliancy.
Detailed Computer Information The Xpress Send database holds detailed information about your computers and servers. It holds data on computer hardware, network information, installed applications, services, operating system, and more.
Computer Search Computer search allows you to find and sort your computers by computer name, operating system, manufacturer, model, serial number, and other parameters. It also allows you to see what user is logged into the console of the computer and provides quick access into the detailed computer information.
Task Search Task search allows you to find and sort your jobs by computer name, job name, and status. It also allows for quick access to view the logs of completed jobs.

Xpress Send Cloud

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